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Did you know that the benefits of martial arts training go far beyond self-defense skills?

Would you consider implementing The Champions Method at your school if you knew that your students could improve their concentration, academic performance and decrease overall school bullying? 


It seems like a win-win situation where students, parents, teachers and school administrators benefit from our well structured methodology.

The World Health Organization has identified that schools are crucial for the promotion of physical activity in children. 


Studies have shown the beneficial effects of sports upon concentration, cognition, and academic performance. Fourteen to 36-week physical exercise were enough to enhanced children’s performance in mathematics, reading and language. 

Working memory, inhibition, cognitive flexibility (cool executive function), effortful self-regulation (hot executive function), and academic performance (linguistics and mathematics) was found to be higher in martial arts practitioners compared to team sports or sedentary children and adolescents.


Studies have shown that children attending martial arts classes once a week for 10 to 12 weeks improved their resilience and self-efficacy. Improvement that can serve as a great anti-bullying intervention, as students reporting higher levels of resilience are less likely to engage in bullying behaviors or to be victims of bullying.

Our licensed schools reap the benefits going far beyond the mats by following our proven method.  access to video classes to guide coaches step-by-step on how to effectively instruct children and maximize their learning.

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