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The Champions Method is a martial arts-based educational program focused on the physical, cognitive and psychological development of children from 4 to 13 years old. The Champions Method relies on extensive scientific support to meet the needs of contemporary families.

The Champions Method | Martial Arts for Children


Our program is divided in levels following a planned structure to ensure proper progression while fostering a growth mindset and having fun.

Physical Skills and Abilities
Agility | Balance | Coordination | Endurance | Strength | Self-Defense

Leadership Skills
Confidence | Discipline | Focus | Perseverance | Social Skills


Age Groups
To respect the developmental stages of our students, The Champions Method divides classes into three groups following age-appropriate curriculums.

Tiny Champions
Little Champions
Junior Champions

Meet Sensei Leandro Lorenco

Maximum effort and good sports
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Sensei Leandro Lorenco was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has been teaching Jiu-Jitsu since 2006. He holds a 3rd dan black belt (IBJJF & FPJJ) under the Masters Danny and Robert Abu. He is also a Judo 2nd dan black belt (USA Judo & USJA) and 3x Judo National Champion (2014, 2017 & 2019). He was inducted to the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Black Belt of the Year (2015) and Distinguished Instructor (2020).


In 2019 he released his first book, "Martial Arts Instructorship: the student-to-teacher transition" available on As an author, he has published several scientific research available on his ResearchGate profile.


PhD in Psychology (candidate)

Master's in Business Administration (2021)

Master's in Human Movement Sciences (2011)

Bachelor's in Physical Education (2008)

What parents are saying?

Edward Lehman talks about his experience with his son "little Edward" during Level 1 of the program's pilot season. 

"He wakes up everyday and asks to come to class!"

Denise Reyes talks about his experience with her sons Benjamin and Adrian during Level 1 of the program pilot season.

"They learned to bond (through)... Tiny Champions."

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